Epic Multi-Purpose Security Cabinets

Multi-Purpose Security Cabinet
Multi-Purpose Security Cabinet

Multi-purpose Double Door Security Cabinet
Suggested cash cover £3,000.00

  • Ideal for high value items such as drugs, tobacco, tools etc
  • Constructed from high grade steel electrically welded to form one solid unit
  • Body is pre-drilled for rear & base fixing
  • Door constructed of solid steel plate with drill resisting plate protecting the locking area
  • Two double bitted keylock are fitted as standard, keys to differ.
  • Combination locks or digital locks can also be fitted
  • Complete with two shelves
  • Approx weight 110kgs

For standard and bespoke Multi-Purpose Security Cabinets to secure your cash, data and valuables - talk to Epic Safes of Telford - the expert safe manufacturers. Call 01952 684 855.