Epic Titan Safes

Epic Titan Safes - FS1251
Modern, compact, high security, fire resistant safes designed to meet the need for residential and business use.
  • Maximum cask risk of £2,000 to £20,000 valuables recommended*
  • 60 minutes fire protection at temperatures of 927°C for paper documents to International Standards UL 72 Class 350 - 1hr and CD/DVD to SP specification.
  • White Colour Finish
  • Fitted with a high security digital lock prpogrammable with users own code of up to 8 digits, colour coded LCD display confirms status of battery and input codes.
  • To warn of attack or unauthorised entry, the integral security alarm activates and emits a high volume siren to deter possible criminal action.
  • Ready prepared for floor fixing with fixing bolts supplied.
    *Ratings are approximate only and may vary due to conditions and location.


Epic Safes